Sonoff RM433 8CH Remote + Magnetic Base

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The Sonoff RF 433 8 Button Remote Controller is an advanced version for 4 button RF with 433MHz. Designed with 8 buttons to perform various functions in running on different types of devices. Such as fan speed adjustment, brightness setting, etc. The simple and stylish look gives any surface a beautiful decor when it is stored on the wall. Pairing with your devices is extremely simple and takes no time at all, simply press any button on the remote controller to pair with the D1 and IFan control or RF Bridge. Quick installation. You are able to add any other accessories within the range at will to expand into more advanced automation. It’s Fully upgradable with no investment loss, easy integration and the widest range of products available. Does not require an electrician, simply follow a simple step by step guide.


Battery not included.
MN27 Battery Sold Separately


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Sonoff Remote

The Sonoff Smart Remote RF 433 is an more advanced version of the basic 4 button controller. With the ability to replace almost any of your current RF 433 remotes the Sonoff Smart Remote RF 433 is exactly what you need. Pairing of the Sonoff remote could not be simpler. Simply press any button on the remote controller to pair with the D1 and IFan controllers. The sleek design of the smart remote ensures a beautiful addition to any home, even when wall mounted.

Whats in the box

Allowing you to place your switch where you want.
Remote Control – Used to control the connected devices remotely.
Turn on or off appliances when there is no Wi-Fi connection.
One button for Multi-purpose.
User Definable 8 buttons can match 8 devices.
Easy to Pair – Press any button to pair with devices.
Sleek & Modern – Simple white appearance makes it a beautiful decor for any wall surface.
Easy to install – Fast installation with 3M adhesive tape or screws.
Works with all compatible RF 433 products


Battery not included.
MN27 Battery Sold Separately


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