Sonoff Africa practices COVID19 precautionary measures

We are committed to our customers and we applied and have been granted by CIPC permission to operate under the 21 day lockdown. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly ship and essential stock items. We have also finalized testing on 2 new preventative products where you don’t need to touch your light switches at all.

We are taking very strict measures to clean and disinfect all warehousing and stock holding areas daily.

All stock areas are considered virus free zones, upon entry hands are washed and disinfected then masks and gloves are worn.

All incoming stock from manufactures goes through a quarantine zone for 7 day period before dispatching.

All storage locations get disinfectants every 6 hours.

We run multiple “6 stage” True HEPA air purifiers running 24/7 in each area.

Services and Consulting Specialists

Server and Network monitoring . Keeping your critical production systems up.

Network design , redundancy planing and E-commerce administrator.

Environment monitoring, Power monitoring and Security Systems.

Specialize in Automation systems.